Spiritual Health Online Program

The Spiritual Health Online Program (SHOP) is available nationally for trainees who are unable to complete a CPE unit from an ACPE accredited center in a traditional way. This online format follows ACPE Accreditation standards and counts as a regular ACPE unit. Trainees will fulfill their clinical hours at convenient locations near them. These settings can be their place of employment or settings where they volunteer. Clinical settings can include hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, rehab centers, prisons, houses of worship, youth ministry, homeless shelters, food banks and any other setting in which the trainee offers spiritual care, attending to the emotional and spiritual health of others. A trainee can have multiple clinical sites. For each clinical site a Placement Agreement is necessary, which will be provided upon the trainee’s acceptance into the program. Additionally, onsite preceptors will be present at each clinical site to ensure that trainees have logistical support, administrative oversight and a relational connection to provide an optimal learning environment. Tuition for each unit is $1200. Two 20-week units are offered; starting in September and in February. Our classes take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Each unit is 400 hours; 300 clinical hours and 100 educational hours. Space is limited and spots are secured far in advance. Please apply early and know that we look at the waiting list to fill openings when they happen. No more than eight people will be accepted per unit. Fourth unit trainees engage in a curriculum designed to prepare them for board certification through the Association for Professional Chaplains, (APC) .


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