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Director Named for EUH OU

Va'Nechia Rayford will be the new director of Spiritual Health EUH OU.

Recently, Robin Brown-Haithco retired after a distinguished career in Spiritual Health EUH OU as director. We are pleased to announce that after a national search our new director will be Va'Nechia Rayford.

The Sun Magazine

Parting The Clouds: Charles Raison On New Treatments For Depression

The Sun Magazine interview with Charles Raison by Sarah Conover.

Spirit of Winship Award recipients named

Caroline Peacock, LCSW, MDiv, is the staff winner of the annual award.

Director Named for CCSH

Maureen Shelton tapped to guide Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health

Education News

Innovation At Emory Spiritual Health: Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health

Featuring: Maureen Jenci Shelton

Alliance of Baptists

Caring for the Casualties of a Broken System

Authored: Beth Jackson-Jordan

Emory News Center

Baby monitors serve as new communication tool in Emory ICUs Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Featuring: Mary Beth Krivanek

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hospital chaplains adjust to the new normal with COVID-19

Featuring: Beth Jackson-Jordan & George H. Grant

All Hands On Deck: Spiritual Health Across Emory’s Hospitals And Campuses By Mary Loftus

Article featuring George H. Grant, PhD

Read on Emory News Center

Day in the Life #FlattenTheCurveGA

Featuring by George H. Grant, PhD.

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Emory Receives NIH Award Toward Clinical Spiritual Health

Recognition from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the form of a new five year K01 career development award to Jennifer Mascaro, PhD.

Read ''Emory NIH Award'' On Research Page

Spin Doctor: The hazards of taking care of others at the expense of yourself

Article featuring George H. Grant, PhD

Read on Emory Medicine Magazine

Compassionate Conversations: Empathic and Economical Communication for Health Professionals

Lecture by George H. Grant, PhD.

Watch "Compassionate Conversations" on Youtube

Defining Spiritual Health

Lecture by George H. Grant, PhD

Watch "Defining Spiritual Health" on Youtube

Spiritual Health Vocational Panel System Summit

Panel hosted by George H. Grant, PhD

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Meditation opportunities abound on campus

Featuring Eloise L. Reid

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Compassion in the Age of Ebola: Emory, Spiritual Health, and a Global Health Crisis

Featuring by George H. Grant, PhD.

Read on The Center for Compassion & Global Health website

Ebola and U.S. Hospital Chaplains: A (Deliberately) Untold Story

Article featuring George H. Grant & Robin Brown-Haithco

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Out of Ebola - GQ Magazine Article

Featuring Robin Brown-Haithco

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Handbook: An Invitation to Chaplaincy Research Entering the Process

Co-authored by George H. Grant, PhD

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